About Image of Good Health

imageofgoodhealthImmanuel’s Image, Inc. was created in October of 2006. This company was “born” of a desire to help people of all ages and backgrounds live a healthier, more abundant life.

In general, our desire is to see you live without worry concerning the many different physiological issues that could potentially threaten your health. Most of us do not know that many of these potential issues are capable of being brought under control or eliminated before they have the chance to develop into viable threat!

– Without drugs, chemicals, toxins, radiation, “tasty drinks”, physical trauma to or contact with your body, Immanuel’s Image, Inc. is dedicated to assisting you in the achievement of that “medical” peace of mind.

Our bottom line is DISEASE PREVENTION rather than detection.

We have been working in the field of diagnostic imaging for over 20 years. With an experienced, Full Body Ultrasound Technologist, we have been actively credentialed by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers since 1987.  With a Bachelor’s Degree in Radiologic Sciences and Technology and with a Certified Clinical Thermographer, we have been further educated, trained and certified by the Institute for the Advancement of Medical Thermography.