The Imaging Experience

The Imaging Experience – What to Expect

The procedure is based on the principle that chemical and blood vessel activity in pre-cancerous tissue as well as the area surrounding a developing breast cancer is almost always higher than in the normal breast. Because pre-cancerous and cancerous masses are composed of highly metabolic tissue, they need an abundant supply of nutrients to maintain growth. In order to get what they need, they increase circulation to their cells by sending out chemicals to keep existing blood vessels open, revitalize dormant vessels, and create new ones (neovascularization). This process results in a temperature increase in the regional surface of the breast.

Breast Thermography has used ultra-sensitive infrared cameras along with computers to detect, analyze, and produce images of these temperature and vascular changes. Today, Immanuel’s Image, Inc uses state-of-the-art High Definition digital equipment to produce the highest quality images available.

The procedure is comfortable, safe and non-invasive. There is NO radiation, NO compression. The breasts are imaged in their natural state. By detecting subtle changes in the temperature and blood vessels of the breasts using Thermal Imaging, signs of possible cancer or pre-cancerous cell development may be detected up to 10 years prior to being detectable by the use of any other medical imaging modality. Thermal Imaging makes available the earliest possible detection of breast cancer. Because of the extreme sensitivity of Breast Thermography, subtle temperature variations (indicative of inflammation) and vascular changes are perhaps among the earliest signs of breast cancer or the presence of a pre-cancerous state.

Although imaging the breasts is what Thermography is most widely known for, the procedure adds great benefit to imaging the entire body. Full Body Thermal Imaging may be extremely helpful in the diagnosis of the following conditions:

Arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, repetitive strain injuries, soft tissue injuries, vascular abnormalities, immune system compromise, thyroid disorder, hepatic stress, back pain, neck pain, dental problems, and more…

Thermal Image of Healthy
Suspicious Vascular Pattern detected on routine scan
No Intervention. Pattern maturation on interval scan.

It can offer you a “first glance” because it’s the only test that can see inflammation that all conventional testing misses, such as:Breast changes
Damage to muscles/tendons
Nerve Dysfunction
Organ Dysfunction
Vascular Disease