What is Thermal Imaging?

High-Definition Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging

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Science teaches us that the human body is a self-healing organism. When interference to normal body function exists, the human body adapts with coping mechanisms. When the body’s natural efforts to adapt are exhausted, signs and symptoms develop. Most people do not seek intervention until symptoms limit normal function or threaten survival.

Medical Thermal Imaging works to help you not only understand your body’s functions, but also identify stress points. By identifying your body’s thermal emission patterns, we are able to help determine if your body is being challenged in its effort to maintain a stable internal environment. This causes a special kind of stress on the body that can be seen with Medical Thermal Imaging!

Inflammation is the earliest stage of almost all major health challenges. Because it measures heat, Medical Thermal Imaging readily detects conditions in the inflammatory stage. Thus, it can be beneficial to uncover many early stage conditions such as diabetes, heart/vascular disease and much more. Women generally use Medical Thermal Imaging for breast screening. Earlier detection of abnormalities is better. Women also prefer Infrared Imaging due to lack of harmful radiation and pain.

This technologically advanced imaging modality is the most efficient method of detecting inflammation in the human body. Although Immanuel’s Image is a young company, Infrared Imaging has been researched for over 30 years and FDA approved for more than 20 years.

Safe and Painless Breast Imaging

Gently respectful of your comfort, MITI never touches you, offering a unique imaging experience.

Beyond the Breasts

Even though Infrared Imaging is best known as a safe, painless and early indicator of breast problems, you might be surprised to know it can be used to screen for early indications of: Thyroid abnormalities, Cardiovascular disease, Inflammatory disease, Stroke, Infections, and Arthritis.

Full Body Thermography

The inflammation in the upper right abdomen is an early indication of stress in the liver.
Completely non-invasive, does not use radiation, and is a safe and effective means to help in the diagnosis of:

Arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, repetitive strain injuries, soft tissue injuries, vascular abnormalities, immune system compromise, thyroid disorder, hepatic stress, back pain, neck pain, dental problems, and more…

Breast Thermography


Breast thermography is a diagnostic procedure that images the breasts to aid in the early detection of breast cancer, is non-invasive, safe, and uses no radiation, and is an effective means to help in the diagnosis or monitoring of:

Benign Breast Tumors
Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Risk Assessment
Breast Mastitis
Fibrocystic Breast Disease
Monitoring Breast Cancer Treatment